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      HBIS Tangsteel Three Controlling Joint Ventures

      Tangyin Steel Company was established by HBIS Tangsteel and Hebei Silver Water Group ,which is a large-scale iron and steel enterprises, and in October 6, 2006 formally established, the annual designed capacity of 3 million tons, fixed assets of 3.4 billion yuan wherein HBIS Tangsteel investment ratio of 51%, and Hebei Silver Water Group investment ratio of 49%.

      Tangyin Steel Company has the whole patch of advanced equipments for sintering, iron-making, steel-making, continuous casting, rolling and corresponding supporting auxiliary facilities. The main equipments are: one 180m2 sintering machine; two 60m2 sintering machines; one 1080m3 blast furnace, one 450m3 blast furnace, one 550m3 blast furnace, one 750m3 blast furnace and ancillary facilities such as pulverized coal injection; two 120t converters and corresponding facilities; two high speed wire&rod production lines, one bar production line, and one strip production line; equipped with transformer substation, dust removal facilities, generators, and all blast furnace gas realized recycling use. Major equipments reached advanced and modern level; include blast furnaces, converters, rolling mill production line.

      Tangyin Steel Company is a model enterprise of HBIS Tangsteel’s structural adjustment programs and the strategy of "Three pole support" of HBIS Tangsteel, it has advantages of large size, rational layout, advanced technology and equipment, as a modern leading iron and steel enterprise. This year, the company holds concept of "improving enterprise efficiency, sharing well-being", implements the idea of scientific outlook on development, takes market-oriented strategy, sticks to the principle of "Effiency determines sale, and Sale determines production", timely adjust of product structure, and strive to develop new varieties, lower economic cost and develop recycling economy model, focus on energy saving and environmental protection, the company has realized zero discharge of waste water and market competitiveness improved significantly.

      Especially in the global financial crisis, the steel industry went into the "winter", the company adheres to low-cost strategy, pay close attention to the fine management, training the team and set the enterprise risk to a minimum level, but also created impressive performance of several months’ increasing trend of profitability under financial crisis. The company focuses more on attitude and thinking mind. Currently, the company is moving forward to build the first-class joint venture in Tangshan city even Hebei province.