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      HBIS Tangsteel Three Controlling Joint Ventures

      TANGSTEEL HEAVY PLATE COMPANY located in the economic development zone in LAOTING County, TANGSHAN, HEBEI and nearby to JINGTANG harbor, an important and grand port in north CHINA, which is richly endowed by nature for its unique location in logistics, is the subsidiary corporation of TANGSTEEL, HBIS. It has a good opportunity and prospective future for the programme which an economic circle around CHINA BOHAI Sea and coastal powerful economic province has been proposed by CHINA STATE COUNCIL.

      The plant was initially put into production in August 2006 and now equipped with 3 blast furnaces which volume is 2×1580 m3 and 1×1780 m3 respectively in iron-making zone, and 3×120t convertors, 3×120t LF, 1 RH, 3 slab caster with electromagnetic stirring and heavy reduction technology introduced in No 2 caster in steel-making zone, also  3 slab reheating-furnaces, one set of 3500mm two stands rolling mill, one set of 3500mm single stand rolling mill, ultra-fast cooling facility, in-time cooling facility which is the first introduced into production domestically plus heavy reduction technology in the slab caster so that greatly improve the product quality.

      The company has more than 3 million tons production capacity which covering carbon steel, low-alloy steel, civil-building structural steel, hull structural steel, boiler and pressure vessel steel, bridge structural steel, quality carbon steel for die block, pipe steel etc. in steel grade as well as sizing range from 6-100mm in thickness, 800-3000 in width, 3000-15000 in length. The product which directly supplied to the clients such as CSIC, CRRC, CHINA 22MCC GROUP, CHINA CONSTRUCTION GROUP, HANGXIAO STEEL STTRUCTURE, SUMITOMO HEAVY MACHINERY, TKM(kanto machinery) etc. has been widely used in major project domestically and the urban symbolized buildings for example BEIJING international trade building, ZHU-HONGKONG-MACAU great bridge, Nuclear power station SANMEN ZHEJIANG, XIAN south railway station, HONGQIAO airport No 2# terminal, also exported to South America, Mid-east, Southeast Asia, KOREA and JAPAN.

      The company has been carried forward the spirit of “precision management and innovative development”. With the goal of “creating the quality-plant plant”, persisting in technical progress and scientific management, establishing high-efficiency marketing operation system the company will continuously develop the new product, improve product quality and grade step by step to meet the miscellaneous requirements of the respective customer which resulting the top ranking enterprise in the not far future.