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      High Strength Automotive Strip Project is an important project for our company to face the world and future.

      Brief Introduction

      HBIS Tangsteel High Strength Automotive Strip Project (THSAS) is the largest product upgrading project during <span style="white-space:normal;">HBIS</span> Tangsteel's twelfth five-year program; it is a significant strategic action of optimizing the product structure, accelerating transformation and upgrading and improving comprehensive competitiveness.

      Pickling and Rolling

      Pulpit Room


      Finished Product

      Galvanized Process

      High Strength Auto Sheet Line

      Hot Dip Galvanized Process


      Middle Stock

      Recoiling Inspection


      The construction of THSAS is divided into two stages. During first-stage project,one pickling line & cold tandem mill (hereinafter as PLTCM), one continuous annealing line (hereinafter as CAL), one continuous galvanizing line (hereinafter as CGL), one recoiling and inspection line (hereinafter as RIL), two semi-automatic packing lines and corresponding auxiliary facilities are built. During the second-stage,two continuous galvanizing lines (hereinafter as CGL) and one recoiling and inspection line (hereinafter as RIL), and one semi-automatic packing line will be built. The hot run test for first-stage project was completed in February, 2015, and the second-stage project shall be completed in the first half year of 2017.

      The annual capacity of THSAS would be 1800kt, including annealing products of 750kt, hot dip galvanizing products of 1050kt (including 400kt of first-stage project and 650kt of second-stage project), which are mainly used to produce world class level high strength automotive strip, deep drawing steel and house appliances, and widely used in the areas of automobile structure, machinery manufacturing and high quality appliances, etc. Product specification: Thickness: 0.2 ~ 3.0mm; width: 700~1600mm. The maximal tensile strength of CAL product is 1200MPa, and that of CGL product is 1000Mpa.

      The technology integration and critical equipment of first-stage project are supplied by internationally well-known metallurgical equipment suppliers—SVAI, ANDRITZ, MIEBACH, etc.

      THSAS is located in the Kaiping industrial park, about 2.8km from the main complex of HBIS Tangsteel to the west, which covers an area of 530,000 square meters. The static investment of this project is about 5.8billion RMB.