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      簡體中文 | English Search

      Productions in Section Steel Department can offer prefect mechanical property and technological property for high-end customers.

      Brief Introdeuction

      Large section plant located in coastal industrial zone in Laoting County, with Jingtang port to its south and Tang port highway and coastal highway to its north, which offers convenient transportation. The total population is 366, 57 of them have got bachelor degree or above, and 14 got senior professional titles.

      Production Line

      40 U Section Steel

      Plate Pile

      Angle Steel

      Cooling Bed

      Regenerative Walking Beam Furnace

      Production Line

      BD2 Rolling Mill for Large Section Steel

      Bloom and Billet Continuous Caster


      The large section production line started construction in December of 2010, and in March of 2012 it began hot commissioning, the designed annual output is 800 thousand tons. The main equipments include: 120t converter, 120t LF refining furnace, billet continuous caster, walking beam furnace, high pressure water descaler, 4 rolling mills (2 roughing mill and 2 finishing mill), 78 meters walking cooling bed, double support straightening machine, 3 hot saw, and 2 cold saws.

      Main Productions

      The main products include: angle steel(specification:18#、20#、22#、25#、30#), U-shaped steel for mines(specification:36U、40U、44U), U-shaped steel sheet pile(specification:400*170*15.5), hot rolling bloom(specification:100180), electrode flat steel, etc.

      The large specification angle steel range from 18—30#, all the liquid steel are processed in LF refining furnace, which can offers better mechanical property and technological property for high-end customers.