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      HBIS Tangsteel cold rolling project is a key project both in Hebei Province and China

      Brief Introduction

      HBIS Tangsteel cold rolling project is one of the four city renovation projects, as the most important project in products structure adjustment, accelerating the transformation and upgrading, enhancing the comprehensive competitiveness.

      Single Stand Rolling Mill

      Caster Recoiler

      No.3 Galvanized Line

      No.3 Galvanized Line

      Color Coating Line

      Five Stand Tandem Rolling Mill

      Five Stand Rolling Mill

      Batch Annealing Line

      Batch Annealing Line


      This project started construction in 2003, and completed in March 2007, with a total investment of 3 billion yuan, it has eleven production lines, with 2.3 million tons annual capacity of cold rolling and hot rolling deep-processing. It has 11 production lines:PLTCM line, single stand reversing cold rolling line, continuous pickling line, No.1 hot dip galvanizing line, No.2 hot dip galvanizing line, No.3 hot dip galvanizing line, continuous prepainting line, batch annealing line,temper mill line, No.1 recoiling line and No.2 recoiling line. It introduced many international advanced technologies: Danieli Italy, Clecim France, Bricmont USA, Mitsubishi and Nippon Steel Japan and other world-famous metallurgical equipment. The department has the latest technology, with three global only and six Chinese only advanced technology and equipment, and it has 30 patents, it can provide the market: hot pickling, hot galvanized coil, cold and hard coil, continuous annealing, batch annealing, cold rolled and aluminum&zinc alloy steel, electrical steel and color coated steel and other major products. With the project come into operation, which makes HBIS Tangsteel an important production base for large scale cold rolling and hot rolling and deep processing products, and it improves HBIS Tangsteel competition significantly in the foreign and domestic steel market.

      Build a world-class cold rolling base

      In recent years, cold rolling department established the idea of "standardized, precise, innovative, sharing", and committed to building a world-class cold rolling base, and become the backbone power for HBIS Tangsteel accelerating international development, creating international high-end brand, and building the most competitive steel enterprise. Now, cold rolling department’s export destinations are more than 150 countries and regions, and it ranked first place in terms of export volume for five consecutive years among similar cold rolling plants in China.