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      HBIS Tangsteel long products department is the pillar department of the enterprise.

      Brief Introduction

      The long products department mainly works on steel making, casting, steel rolling, and the total output is 2.85 million tons include wires, bars and sections.


      Wire and Rod



      Plant Outside Scene



      Medium Section Steel

      Plant Outside Scene

      Third Phase Casting Line


      The long products department has a set of desulfurization station with double stations, three 65t top-bottom combined blown converters, two 65t LF refining furnace, three 6 strand billet casting production line, two bar production line, two high speed wire production line, one section production line. The bar products mainly used as hot-rolled deformed bar that used as material of construction reinforced concrete. The No.1 bar specification:Ф10-50mm, the No.2 bar specification Ф14、Ф18、Ф20、Ф22、Ф25mm. High speed wire production line mainly produce hard steel wire, welding wire steel, low carbon steel, hot-rolled deformed bar, plain round bar. The main products specification is 5.5-13.5mm. The medium section production line mainly produce 10#-20# equilateral or  non-equilateral angle steel,18U-40U mine u-shape steel, 9#-12# mine I-beam steel, 18kg/m-30kg/m light rail, 55 mm -95mm high quality carbon structure round steel. The products total has 84 specifications and 173 varieties.

      Provide customized production

      Facing the fierce market competition, the long products department formed the marketing model that based on the technical service and support, strengthen market service, offers more customized products, explores high end customers of welding wire and hard wire rod, the department can supply them with high strength alloy containing titanium wire, low sulfur&phosphorus submerged arc welding wire, and hard wire rod for rope, etc. The long products department owns its customer base in Africa, South America, Middle East, Southeast Asia.

      All long products department members stick to the principle “we cannot control the market but we can manage our own work”, and to change pressure into impetus, offer more high quality service to customers, and strive forward to build the most competitive long products model plant.