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      Be a responsibly and happy enterprise

      HBIS Tangsteel is a large state-owned steel enterprise with a history of more than 70 years, with approximately 30,000 employees. In recent years, HBIS Tangsteel takes "Be a responsibly and happy enterprise" as the purpose, and actively promotes the construction of the harmonious enterprise, continues to improve working and living conditions of workers, and steadily improves the income of workers, increases concern and assistance to workers with variety of activities, mobilizes and protects the initiative of workers and maximizes safeguarding of the interests of workers.

      In the process of building a happy enterprise, HBIS Tangsteel firmly holding the "worker is the most valuable asset" concept, not only let all employees bathing under the enterprise sunshine, but also offers "shelter" to the needy workers. Particularly in helping needy employees, HBIS Tangsteel’s labor union raised "Listen carefully voices of workers , truly reflected the wishes of staff, really concerned about the well-being of workers, really helping them in overcoming difficulties, so that each employee can feel enterprise’s caring and warmth”. The company by fully grasping the demands of workers, and constantly improving assistance mechanisms, achieves new breakthroughs and new developments of aiding work.

      Employee health insurance mechanism

      In recent years, with the growing cost of medical treatment, "poverty due to illness" is the main reason affecting workers lives. Therefore, HBIS Tangsteel focuses on serious illness families that resulting in difficult living condition, and actively studies and formulates ways to help needy workers with all kinds of channels, also to solve the worries of needy workers in various forms. In the implementation of the basic medical insurance, the enterprise also increases the "enterprise supplementary medical insurance" for workers. The actual medical expense in a year that exceeds the highest basic medical insurance fund and the amount above the cap portion can apply for supplementary medical insurance. The enterprise sets up the employee medical subsidy system. It invested 5 million yuan annually in HBIS Tangsteel hospital as subsidy to workers. 8.4 million Medical subsidies have been issued to more than 6800 people for 14 years by the enterprise. HBIS Tangsteel established serious illness helping system. It gives subsidies to workers' families whose expense paid by themselves are 10,000 yuan or more. Since 2014, the company has issued 1,411,500 yuan to 711 workers or family. HBIS Tangsteel also participates in mutual aid activities of major diseases in Tangshan city. Since 2010, the company invested more than 1 million yuan annually to organize workers to participate in unified urban employee medical mutual aid activities of major diseases, and it has applied for 3,512,400 yuan mutual-aid funds for 1385 workers. The establishments of a multi-level medical security system further reduces the burden of health care workers, and build a strong defense line for workers to resist risks.

      Basic living guarantees system

      In order to solve the difficulties of daily life of workers, HBIS Tangsteel established subsidy system for needy families. To play a good role of funds at timely to solve the difficulties, HBIS Tangsteel formulated and issued the subsidy management regulations and explicitly stipulated the subsidy object and standard as well as increases the subsidy year by year. In order to reflect timely assistance, HBIS Tangsteel putting limited funds to the “key point", and insisted on the "four priciples": First, clear background, strengthen research work to ensure that subsidy objects are clear; second, the subsidy scope is clear, making regular study and to ensure rational use of the funds; third, the key object is clear, focuses on solving the urgent needs of workers; and the last is the account clear, strengthens supervision and make sure that the accounts open to public. HBIS Tangsteel’s labor union would allocate millions yuan to the grassroots level every year. Since 2013, the company and its secondary units have allocated 1.78 million to the 6895 workers.

      "Deliver Warmth" mechanism

      As HBIS Tangsteel’s staff-caring activity, during the two important festivals of each year, organizations at all levels should carry out the “deliver warmth" activities. Organizations at all levels raise funds through multiple channels, and continuously enhance the strength of warmth. Helping object ranges from retired employees, family members of dead workers because of work and earthquake, long off staffs, difficulty workers and other provincial retired model workers, the backbone staff of the production line. The helping form ranges from supplying rice, flour, oil and other living goods to the hospital care, drug delivery, and health care. Especially in the 2015 New Year's Day and the Spring Festival, HBIS Tangsteel’s party organizations at all levels carried out the "True caring, True loving " as the theme of visit activity. HBIS Tangsteel’s organizations at all levels increase the capital investment as well as organize more activities, to ensure the all-round visiting work. According to statistics, the HBIS Tangsteel’s organizations at all levels, during the two important festivals, covered a total of more than 19,000 workers, and offered more than 2.9 million yuan.

       "The Education Aid"  mechanism

      HBIS Tangsteel’s caring for workers has extended to families, and given special attention to children of the difficulty families, and further increased help for needy families. Every year, in late August, in order to ensure employees' children can enter to school at stipulated time. HBIS Tangsteel started the "Autumn Education Aid" activity, and helps them with their education.  Since the "Autumn Education Aid" activity carried out for 15 years ago, it has offered 1.87 million yuan to 1206 children from difficulty families.For the children under 14 years old from needy families, on the eve of the annual "Children’s Day", HBIS Tangsteel also carries out the "Children’s Day Education Aid" activity through offering them school supplies, daily necessities and other forms of supporting student activities, let the caring goes to all levels can timely delivered to the employee's home, let the staff and the children feel the warmth. Since 2014, the company has offered 91 thousand yuan to 160 students that from needy worker’s family.

      "Health Security" mechainsm

      Workers are both main subjects of enterprise’s development and objects for enterprise to give caring. HBIS Tangsteel not only helps difficulty workers but also offers assistance to all workers. It concerns about workers' health. Since 2012, from March to December every year, it offers health examination for all workers. Items include ten biochemical items, liver, gallbladder, spleen, kidney ultrasound, urinalysis, DR chest, etc., and each staff has established healthy archive, to ensure the health of workers. Examination rate remained above 93%. Every year the company has the gynecologic examination, and increased fluid-based inspection and HPV examination, which creates a better living condition for women. HBIS Tangsteel also increased sports facilities and cultural activities. In September 2011, HBIS Tangsteel built the high standard “Staff Sports Center” which covers an area of 2309 square meters as an important place for staff fitness and entertainment. It  has organized basketball, table tennis, badminton and other various events that attracted many staff to participate and meet the sports and fitness need. Increase recuperation of workers. In recent years, HBIS Tangsteel organized model workers and front-line backbone workers not only to the Beidaihe resort for recuperation, but also organized them to Hong Kong and Macao, Hainan, Guilin and Lushan, etc.. In summer, HBIS Tangsteel vigorously carried out the "double service" activity, which can create a more favorable working and living conditions for front-line workers. In hot season, HBIS Tangsteel offers air conditioners, freezers, drinking fountains, electric fans, etc. as well as offers watermelons, tomatoes and other fruits, which are warmly welcomed by workers.