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      Be a responsibly and happy enterprise

      During the "Twelfth Five-year Plan" period, taking the "Promoting the rural material and spiritual civilization, Coordinating development between social civilization and ecological civilization, Improving peasants' living conditions and quality " as the goal, holding the working principle of "Based on local conditions, seeking practical results, and building the village together", HBIS Tangsteel concerns about peasants and provides service to peasants, and conducts the poverty assitance work in Dashima village, Yuehe town of Kaiping District in Tangshan city .

      Dashima village covers a land area of 2,000 acres and regional area of 2,700 acres, with a total population of 1230 people(390 families), and the region is a typical village inhabited by ethnic minorities (Manchu accounted for over 30% of total population). Because of its remote location, poor communications, and villagers’ conservative mind, the economy developed quite slowly. During "Twelfth Five-year Plan" period, HBIS Tangsteel’s team engaged in the grass-root research, visits, village seminars and plenary meetings, and communicated with the committee for advice. Under the relentless effort they successfully found out a right way to alleviate poverty.Based on the actual village situation, HBIS Tangsteel takes the most concerned, direct and urgent issue as the starting point, actively participated in the village development by finding projects and planning scientifically. HBIS Tangsteel’s village-based team and the village "two committees" team members, often visit village families and face-to-face communicate with villagers, from which they obtain first-hand information, looking for entry point for poverty alleviation, focusing on research and development of specific programs of poverty alleviation.

      To solve the road problems

       A main village street has been built into concrete road, however the rest within a total length of 6000 meters is without construction and repair. There is still a transport route that leads to the city of Tangshan is not repaired with a total length of 700 meters. The road is the basis of rural economic development and the key for poverty alleviation. During the “twelfth five -year plan”, HBIS Tangsteel offered help to village road hardening project with a total raising funds of 2.3 million yuan for three years (including HBIS Tangsteel invested 300,000 yuan and helped to raise 2 million yuan), a total length of 8615 meters road has finished. Among them, in the first year 400,000 yuan investment was done, an road of 1515 meters was built; the second year 1 million yuan was invested, and 3700 meters of road was built; the third year 900,000 yuan was invested, 3400 meters of road was built. During construction, the HBIS Tangsteel team lived and ate in the village, on-site supervised of construction quality and progress, and ultimately completed the task successfully.

      To build 600 acres of flower greenhouses

      Due to the relocation of Xie village, Dashima village introduced its flower greenhouses and gardening techniques to itself, so that farmers' income and land efficiency improved significantly. The village has now completed 180 acres of flower greenhouses.

      To develop water-saving irrigation projects

      The existing wells are restored after the earthquake and depth is only 40 meters which is insufficient. Some have collapsed with a serious shortage of water, plus poured area of flood irrigation, resulting in 1,800 acres of land can not be watered timely. Developing water-saving irrigation projects, which can solves a big problem for village development. Now 800 acres of this project has been implemented.

      To build sugar products processing base

      The village has more than 100 years of sugar products processing history, and which is the main income source of the villagers. Each family has a production workshop, but it faces closing danger for not in accordance with food hygiene standards, let alone expanding. Under this situation, in 2009, the village determined the construction of sugar products processing base project, and started land transfer work under the strong support of government, and now the land transfer and related procedures have been completed. In 2012 it began construction of the building processing base, till now more than 90 percent have been completed.

      Today's Dashima village has appeared a new looking, the originally uneven, sewage overflowing streets become flat and tidy, spacious and clean; the new village culture square becomes the fitness center with activities of kicking shuttlecocks, square dancing, all are showed a new look of village image and villager’s spiritual mind, and played a positive role in enhancing the villagers' health, civilized-health conscious and creating favorable conditions for the development of traditional sugar products processing and sales and flower greenhouses, and laid a solid foundation for "harmonious new countryside" construction.