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      Cloud computing, commodity internet , city smart service, and smart logistics are 4 projects which can support "Internet +" development in the future.

      HBIS Tangsteel seizes the opportunity of "Internet +" strategy to fully tap the enormous "Internet +" business opportunities. Based on sufficient investigation and demonstration, HBIS Tangsteel put forward 4 projects: cloud computing, equipment trade platform, city smart service, and smart logistics. The above 4 projects can support "Internet +" development in the future.

      Cloud computing

      The initial target is to integrate into the “smart Tangshan” construction, and be the only data center of “smart Tangshan”, trying to be the general operator office with the method of PPP and AIIB way. The medium and long target is to take the “smart Tangshan” as the model, to form the “smart city” business model and expands to other cities in China.

      HBIS Tangsteel’s “Yun He” data center located to the south of Qixin middle school of Lubei district of Tangshan city, and the phase 1 planned covers 13.6 acres with a three-story building. “Yun He” data center, planned to hold 800 equipment cabinets, and build the international standard T3+; the research&development center located in Qinglong Lake region of Fenghuang Xincheng of Tangshan city, which planned cover 11.7 acres with a three-story building, and also reserve certain room for command and exhibition center.

      Commodity Internet 

      The initial target is to be the leading enterprise in the procurement and supply chain of Industrial equipment and Spare parts supply chain in Tangshan city. The medium and long target is to be the leading enterprise in terms of Industry supply chain in China.

      HBIS Tangsteel put forward 3 targets for Commodity Internet project: marketization, network-oriented, influence. The platform has the structure called “a main body and four parts”: Supply chain management or product trading platform, Settlement management platform, Bank cooperation business management platform, Big data value-added services management platform, Operations management and information management platform. The integration solutions platform include: Purchase information, Logistics warehouse management information, Supply chain information, and Supply chain finance service information.

      The optimized Commodity Internet project includes: online supermarket, bidding management, supplier management, contract management, share swap spare parts management, spare parts management, settlement management, bank financing management, operations management, data analysis, auction management, logistics management, inventory management, basic data management, etc.

      Smart city service 

      The initial target of the project is to integrate existing resources and provide value-added services to all market resources, to realize  profitability of living services company as soon as possible. The company trying to quickly worked out a business model that can be implemented to the Tangshan City, and become the best city service enterprise in Tangshan.

      Take the smart life O2O part as the starting point, HBIS Tangsteel sets up the online basic platform and activates the offline assets and services gradually, and integrates third-party resources, and ultimately form a "property management services, marketing services, integrated service” of the city smart service platform, and gradually cover the smart commerce, smart housekeeping, smart education, smart finance, smart property, smart automobile, smart park tourism and other fields.  At the same time, in order to meet online services, a number of "smart hut" will be set offline, and taking advantages of offline resources, carrying "1 + 9" online service, formed O2O online and offline service business model.

       Smart logistics

      The initial target of the project is to integrate all resources and make full use of existing resources, and to become the enterprise that has the lowest logistical cost in steel industry, and thus become the best logistics enterprise in Tangshan. The long-term goal is to explore feasible business model that can be implemented and duplicated and expand this model to the whole China even the world.

      Adapting the concept of "Internet plus Logistics" concept, social resources are attracted through measures if efficient matching, lower cost and increase efficiency, and flexibility and convenience in order to create one integrated logistics services platform of transport, warehousing, logistics and financial services.